It Works Like MAGIC, But It’s Really SCIENCE:

The science of Citrus Greening Solution brings a professional grade grove quality treatment to the home user.  It has been used in commercial groves and university test groves for several years and has been proven to reverse the adverse affects of Citrus Greening.  It has transformed groves from zero fruit production to over $300,000.00 in profit in just one season!

Don't cut down your trees and re-plant, starting from scratch.  Just follow our easy to use program instructions and your problem is solved.

“I am amazed, many people I talked to said the only thing I could do about the citrus greening was cut down my trees and plant new ones, but they would just get infected again.  I used your spray treatment and my trees came back as good if not better than before they had the greening.  This is an amazing product that everyone who is seeing their trees drop fruit or have leaves that are turning yellow should use.  I highly recommend it and have already told all my friends and neighbors.  I am sending some to my brother in Texas who just heard about greening so he can start using it before his trees get sick. Thank you so much for saving my trees!” Windermere, Florida

Another Happy Customer:

If you are like many of our other customers, you have read countless articles and baseless opinion pieces about what exactly causes Citrus Greening and the answer usually is to cut down your tree and start over.  Now you have a Citrus Greening Solution that will enable you to treat your tree so you will continue to get tasty healthy fruit!  

We have proven results!  Trees that have been treated with the active ingredients in Citrus Greening Solution have been able to not only survive the Citrus Greening disease, but in some cases, actually produce MORE fruit with a higher sugar content.

Citrus Greening is a bacterial infection that reduces the amount of nutrients your trees are able to produce so the leaves are mottled and the fruit is dropped, deformed or sour.  Citrus Greening Solution enables your trees to produce more sugar from photosynthesis and your trees can get back to the pre-infection levels of quantity and quality fruit production.

Citrus Greening Disease:

“I've been living here in central Florida for over 30 years, and my orange trees have been through blights, freezes, hurricanes, droughts and just about everything Mother Nature could throw at us, but NOTHING has taken them down like this citrus greening.  Almost every piece of fruit drops, and the trees look horrible.

I put your Citrus Greening solution on as directed and this year we had fruit again!  My trees actually look healthy and I can PROMISE you this is a lot cheaper than pushing my old trees up and replacing them!”

What Our Customers Are Saying:


So many of our customers have been asking about ordering larger quantities so we have now added a larger GALLON size bottle!  This is the most economical option if you need to treat 5-8 trees.  

Just connect the Free Ready-To-Use sprayer to your garden hose and spray your trees with our proprietary formula.   Your trees will respond with healthier leaves and produce tasty healthy fruit again.

Citrus Greening After  1st Treatment

Citrus Greening After  2nd Treatment

Citrus Greening Before 1 st Treatment

Easy To Use! Citrus Greening Solution  Package: Everything you need to keep Citrus Greening in check  for a full year in one convenient package! 32 Ounces  Treats 1-2 Trees (Larger Quantities Available) Preset to  Proprietary  application rate. © Copyright 2013-2016 Organic Products Marketplace LLC

*Alternative to Destroying Your Trees

*Professional Grade Ingredients

*Simple to Use - Just Attach to your Hose

*Protect the Significant Investment in your Trees

Citrus Greening Before Citrus Greening Solution

Citrus Greening  After Citrus Greening Solution

The Citrus Greening Solution:

You have Citrus Greening, and you are looking for a reliable and cost effective way to fix it.  Good News, you have found your:  

Citrus Greening Solution!

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